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John Usher Profile

Thanks for visiting my website. As you can see my paintings are all in acrylics. I started using acrylics about 2005.  When I'm abroad or when I'm out walking, I take photos with the specific aim of using them for paintings. I sometimes go out in the rain or snow or when the autumn leaves are colourful, just to get a good photo to paint from. For me, composing the original image is part of the art. And I don't necessarily paint the picture exactly as the photo.  Having said that, if someone wanted to commission a painting based on their own photo, I'd be willing to do it as long as it was a decent image.  So, if you'd like me to paint something for you, get in touch. I may already have a photo of a scene that you like if, for instance, it's in Lanzarote.

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