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There are 3 main sections: Canary Islands, Mallorca, and Britain & Ireland. Plus a few from other locations. Scroll down to see them all. But first my new painting.

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New Painting

Mijas Pueblo

This is my latest painting. I've only visted Mijas Pueblo once, while I was staying at a friend's apartment in nearby Benalmádena. It's a beautiful Spanish pueblo up on the hillside.  This is from one of my own photos, acrylic on paper 16" x 12". Scroll down to see the full image in Other Locations below.


Canary Isands

Las Canarias

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Balearic Islands -  Islas Baleares -  Illes Balears

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Britain and Ireland

These paintings are mainly of my local area Cheadle, Cheshire, and the surrounding area, plus some of the west coast of Ireland


Other locations

A few paintings of other places I've visited over the years.



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